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Well the man did do half the work so I think he should at least have half the say

His “half of the work” is getting her pregnant.

The woman is the one who has to deal with THE BIGGEST BULLSHIT EVER now that she is pregnant, because it is HER BODY who has to carry it.

So no, he doesn’t do any work at all. Nothing he does can even equate to half of what a woman must deal with when she becomes pregnant.

He has absolutely no say on what she should do because it’s her body and her decision his only opinion he should ever be allowed to spit out of that mouth is “it is your body and your choice i want you to do what is best for you”

A man has no right to give any opinion other than that.

Posted: Sun May 12th, 2013 at 6:49pm
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  1. sputnik34 said: hmm. i dunno. you and i just disagree i guess.
  2. harshwhimsy said: honestly sex isnt work at all ok thats like working at a carnival except you dont do shit you just ride all the rides for free and eat everything there for free
  3. meticulousdraftsman said: A better point is that he has half the legal/fiscal obligation if she decides to keep it.
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