Ok this is an official post on my housing conundrum:

I have not been able to acquire a job, my school won’t give me financial aid, and my parents are pretty much refusing to help pay rent.

I need to sublet or have someone take over my lease as soon as possible, and I’m hoping someone like a fellow Arizona State University student might be interested.

Here’s some info on the apartment:

You would be living in a single bedroom with a private bathroom in an apartment with three other female ASU students. All three are very wonderful people and do not blast music or host college parties. One is a Japanese exchange student but she can understand English well, so that will not be a hindrance.

The lease is single lease, so you do not have to worry about your roommates’ late fees or anything. You only pay your rent and your portion of electricity. The lease only lasts until August 2013 as well.

Here’s some info on the amenities:

It is a short walk from Tempe Marketplace, a Subway, a McDonalds, a sushi restaurant, an individual fitness center + rock climbing center, and a gas station.

The complex is a gated community and includes:
- free uncovered parking
- a bus stop for both the free Orbit - Mercury bus (which goes to the Light Rail, ASU campus, and Mill avenue) and the city bus
- a large pool + hot tub + vending machines
- large park + barbeque grills
- volleyball court + basketball court + tennis courts
- bike racks
- a 24 hour fitness and business center with printers
- secure Wi-Fi

The room includes:
- twin sized bed
- large dresser and closet with wire shelving
- built-in counter space with three shelves
- cushioned desk chair
- cable outlet for TVs

The apartment includes:
- leather couch + loveseat + coffee table + sidetable
- entertainment area + shelving + cable and other outlets
- dining room table and seating
- copious shelving space
- sink + garbage disposal + dishwasher
- stovetop oven + microwave
- fridge and freezer
- washing machine and dryer
- two storage closets

So yeah, if you’re interested send me an ask here and I’ll give you my email and we can discuss specifics. And even if you’re not interested, could you please signal boost this? It would help me a lot, and thank you.

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