YN Eventing: “Endless” Paths/Roads/Stairs

Did you ever want to make an “endless” staircase? Or highway? A location that, when the player goes in one direction, it goes on forever, but when they turn around, they find a “hidden” place to go to?

If you’re not sure what I mean, these images should help:

Well here’s how to do it, because I recently made such an event myself and I found that it can be REALLY ANNOYING if you make this type of map/event too late in your game development!

First of all, here’s a screenshot of .flow’s Endless Staircase in RPG Maker with a hopefully easy-to-understand explanation of how it works:

And here’s a bigger image.

This should be easy enough to replicate, but what is important and will make this either fun to program or annoying as all get-out is Teleporting Transitions!:

Make sure in the Database > System tab, you set default transitions to:

Hide Screen: “No Transition”
Show Screen: “Instantaneous”

If you made maps and teleports before all of this, and your events are set to "Hide Screen: Default", ALL of your teleports, from map to map, will be completely jarring and will throw off the flow of your game. It will be VERY exhausting going through your game and changing each teleport event to specifically Fade Out or whatever you prefer for teleporting from one map to another.

The reason you change the default, is when you place the “endless loop” in your game, your Teleport command will ONLY refer to the System’s default transitions.

If your default transitions are Fade Out, the player will be able to tell you’re forcing them to loop around, and that you’re most likely hiding something in the other direction!

So I hope very few of you planned on making such areas, or are willing to go through every event to fix it haha;;;

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