my mother woke me up this morning asking for help with the router and it turns out she tried plugging cables into a new router and had no idea you had to actually set it all up. so now she has a like no wireless probably and i had to leave because my god why did she decide to fuck around with this in the morning ughhhh

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my steam is syrupcake if anyone wants it. i have like 1 friend so tossing it out for funsies

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LOL SO MY SNAKE BIT ME legitways. it didnt hurt nearly as bad as i was scared of, like stubbing your toe is a more painful and distressing experience.

i would say this is another part of my bad luck but tbh im feeling ok. getting bit by him gave me a better understanding about him. im pretty good rn actually

plus my brother fell from his longboard and i got to play nurse and bandage him up so yay fun times

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unfortunately life is still. really crappy for me. like, im afraid im going to get killed, ive had such terrible luck

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@nope my mother has been treating me like shit all week and i wake up this morning to her heavily implying she doesn’t want me in the house today because im ‘loud because of my laughing’ and somehow i ‘tear up the house’ even though i dont do that shit, nd getting suspicious of my legitimate schedule because this semester i get my classes done in the.mornings ‘its like i dont have any classes’ and ‘why dont you go ahead and sit at school for six hours twice a week’

so of course im pissed off cause once again she’s attacking me, and as im walking to my car, she asks me ‘do you ever smile, jeez, i should be the one frowning i got mud all over me from messing with the gate’

her bitching at me nd upsetting me made me forget to bring my usb so i had to turn back and grab it, then i miss four buses in a row xause i got to my parking lot late and now im both late for my fucking class and missed a make-up quiz because i couldnt get to class on monday because arizona shit itself with rain tht flooded everything

and i still need to print.out my fucking homework and turn it in late and ive already had three breakdowns since saturday and im on the edge of my goddamn rope again

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teamhellnope replied to your post: sims general is filled with nothing bu…

Somehow this doesn’t surprise me like they have mods for that and cooking babies so why wouldn’t there be fetishists around.

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sims general is filled with nothing but impreg fetish and im so i can t

>goes on sims general and shitposts about guro while posting blue sim

in my defense

an anon started talking about snuffporn while simultaneously saying they didnt like guro and i had to respond





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this past week/end has not been good for me and today looks no different. mom decided to stay home cause she wanted a ‘me’ day and she got mad enough to slam doors when i came home

even though she forced me to spend 12 hours outside the house yesterday bending over backwards for everyone in the fuckin family even though half way through i broke down and on saturday i got so overwhelmed with family shit and pressure i broke down at work twice and had to be sent home and friday night she shrieked at me for my brothers being lazy and forgetting to turn in school photo shit and got angry at me and told me i had to ‘plan things better’ when my brother woke up sick right before school one day and i needed her to excuse him cause im not an official guardian pretty much shes been treating me like shit all week

but no im the bad one cause i had the audacity to come home cause i was too late for class because my brothers wouldnt hurry up and traffic was insane cause we’re being flooded and arizonans shit themselves whenever they have to drive in any weather more difficult than ‘windy’ so now im hiding in the basement and i feel like utter shit

i made this blue sim and i cant fuckin get over her she is so adorable im addicted


looking forward to warm autumn evenings ♡

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Signal boost for GamePhobias, a wiki-style website dedicated to categorizing games based on content and trigger warnings. Users can either view content warning categories to find games that do and don’t contain the triggering content, or search for specific games to see exactly what content warnings are attached to that title (as well as brief, almost exclusively non-graphic descriptions as to specific scenes/levels containing that content).

It’s a very, very new wiki (IIRC it launched late August) and so its offerings are very paltry right now, and I would seriously encourage anyone with experience with games, wikis, and/or both to contribute however they can.

I’m writing up a review for FFXIV right now, and I seriously encourage anyone who can do this to help out!! This is SUPER helpful to people with triggers and I’m going to use it in the future.

Don’t ignore this, I know gamer culture doesn’t care about mentally ill people but you guys should try to be better than that.

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