and what a nice booty it is

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guess what I played last weekend

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image image

pffgftfgfyt just take them both

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c1qfxugcgy0 replied to your post: ive been thinking about coloring this …

mo like rezifart

( •̀ n•́ )

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I sort of have to wait an hour to ask another question…

so I’m sort of here, so I guess I can’t do an anon now. Anyways, the other idea is sort of restricted to a game but I still think it’s a decent idea. To get the full effect,  sort of need to explain a bit of the mechanics. In the game, if a monster is starting to get close to you then your heart rate will slowly start to speed up whether you can see them there or not because you sense them. At the same time, if you say sprint around then your heart will speed up just like it would from just physical exertion, so you need to be careful when you run. So the main idea is just an extremely long hallway that is largely dark. Lining the ceiling are several hooks with hearts on them. For every time you have died in the game, there will be another hook with another heart, and near them also hanging from the ceiling will be a corpse reminiscent of the way that you had died. So say you died by decapitation, the body hanging off the ceiling will be decapitated. Anyhow, the hearts on the ceiling beat at the same exact time your heart beats in your body and every time it beats, they provide light. So the light in the hall will light up and then dim down, light up once more when your heart beats and die back down. However, about halfway down the hall, there are monsters lining the walls. They won’t hear you if you don’t run so you have to force yourself to walk as the lighting slowly becomes more intense as your heart starts to beat faster from them being near. If the player freaks out and runs then the hallway just beams with light from the hearts on the ceiling and the monsters see you and converge on you. However, if you keep self control and just walk through, you’ll be fine.

if the monster is close to you your heartbeat goes up, and if you run it also goes up. so you’re saying that, while the heartbeat is a sensor for the monster, run too much or at the wrong time and you’ll be caught.

but then you say, the lighting from the hearts will become brighter the more you run, and if monsters hear you running you’ll be attacked, and if they see you you’ll also be attacked?

the game sounds a little complex, you would have to be very careful to balance running and lighting if you’re implying the hallway is too dark for the player to see through comfortably. i think a way to improve it might be making it a maze, and using the heartbeat as the indicator of the wrong pathways to turn down. it also might be interesting to toss in some sort of warning signal that the monster is actively following you, maybe not a sound, but maybe like an adrenaline jump that makes the character gasp when they realize it’s chasing them?

an interesting idea i think, though wouldn’t more hearts = more light = climbing difficulty? so punishing the player for dying? also might want to think what function the corpses would serve; while corpses can be spooky in their own right, it might be too much to add in both hearts and corpses, or at least make the game feel crowded.

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i think orange/yellow might go better w the colors you’re using for the normal half?? (i havent played saya no uta though so i dont know how canon art makes it look)

it changes a lot they switch the palette of sayas natural environment a lot

in the beginning, monsters look yellow red and brown and have a consistent body shape, like they don’t look goopy like some people portray her

in the middle of the game, everything is really pink and red mostly with a little yellow, and very goopy chopped up guts like

and in some promotional art its implied shes like an ashy pink and yellow with purples thrown in

in summation: i dont even fuckin know this is why im unsure about coloring it lolol

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i lost steam answering that ask whoops

I'll split them up into two asks. This one is like just any scenario really, game or story. For one, just for like an eerie thing, outside of a building would be random household appliances hanging from the trees. For example, a washer + a dryer both just dangling above the hair in front of a house. Inside the house, the walls and floors or whatever else is sort of fleshy. If you were to say cut them with a blade of some sort then the walls would actually bleed. Then if you were to say leave ---

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and then come back, the walls and such would be stitched back together by someone/ something you never see. At the same time, the odd household appliances hanging out in the trees when you return will be opened, and you'll find out that inside are the previous owners of the house. The washer containing nothing but blood, most of which that just washed out to the ground and some that is still just constantly dripping, while the dryer contains the bodies of the owners. That's the first idea mainly

your idea is very interesting anon! it reminds me of dionaea house a little bit, have you read it?

i get what you’re going for with this first idea, though i am having difficulty envisioning horror with everyday household appliances, especially a washer and dryer. a way to fine tune your idea is to focus on appliances that would have more logically grim implications

for example, coincidentally in saya no uta:


i forget the context of the fridge discovery, i think it was one of fuminori’s friends/neighbors investigating his home, but it’s a perfect example of twisting a household appliance in a horror aspect.

other objects in the household that can possibly be horrific:

garbage disposals
garbage cans
cupboards, closets, wardrobes
showers, bathtubs

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ive been thinking about coloring this but im not sure what to do exactly. i dont really want her monster side to be pink cause the monsters fuminori saw were orangyellow

ive seen canon art making her like a deep pink and red tho too

idk what to do but i dont quite like the idea of deep red like a lot of other people make her look like

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How would you feel if I like gave you a few of my horror ideas? I don't have them all like completely thought out or anything, but I do have like just a few small scenarios in mind that I think are interesting and I don't really ever have anyone to share them with.

sure! go ahead and share with me i would love to hear about them :3

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Is it bad that I sometimes get like really in depth ideas for horror games/ horror scenarios


it’s never bad to be creative and horror is such a gr8 thing to think about! stop being preposterous anon you’re a silly goof to ask someone like me such a thing like that

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parents: “u should be more active”
me: image

(via vicegrips)

theres a lot of things i identify with but at the core theres alice in wonderland and silent hill those are me

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