i AM pretty enough (」 •̀ω•́ )」

feelin pretty and my chest looks gr8 in this tanktop pls ignore brothers laundry on floor

Will you go to the dance with me?

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anime and manga is so engrained in japanese society with all of its variances that while a japanese person might have to steel themselves for foreigners asking about it, i’ve heard nothing but good responses from them. case in point is yuki from two years ago and maiko currently. yuki wanted to watch an episode of ranma 1/2 with me and maiko asked me if ive seen the new sailor moon anime and mentioned she met a person from saudi arabia who watches attack on titan so like

even my professors admit to watching j-dramas every once in a while and one in particular mentions for the purposes of our class watching anime is a good way to practice our conversational understanding so

the idea that a japanese person would dislike or be embarrassed by a foreigner asking about or liking anime isnt something, to worry about. unless you’re horrible at conversation and unable to understand when it is and isnt ok to broach a topic or elaborate further on them like youre a legit weeb who would take advantage of a person to soapbox about your husbandos and waifus

Countdown to Halloween | Suspiria (1977) 

roses are red
violets are blue
but the iris is a flower
that will be the end of you!

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torridgristle replied to your post: i met my japanese conversation partner…

She could smell the weaboo on you.

must you always be so negative

i didnt say much of japanese until the end when we started working on homework tbh. since the purpose of the partnership is to be her english speaking friend i focused on english discussion until we were about done

also she asked me if i knew about attack on titan and detective conan so :B

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i met my japanese conversation partner today!

maiko is a sweetheart, and we spent THREE HOURS hanging out and talking about all sorts of things! it’s so wonderful, honestly, we have great friend chemistry and she’s even willing to meet again tomorrow

it turns out she doesnt have many american friends, i think because the ones she met are often very busy, so im going to try to be a great friend to her while shes here

also, she’s actually, very honest. she told me that she thought my japanese pronunciation was good, and i said oh it really isnt but thank you for being so nice, and she said no really, many foreign speakers of japanese often have an accent from their country but she said mine sounds more japanese. idc what people say, i wouldn’t have expected her to say such a thing if she wasnt even a little bit honest about it

in any case i want to try to take her halloween shopping :>


Suspiria (1977) dir. Dario Argento 

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live your life however you want, but if your taskbar is anywhere but on the bottom of your computer screen i would like for you to find God

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